Research and Resources

A. Needs mapping – how we qualify? Needs based / means tested.

To start we will narrow our focus to 3 functions:



Safety/Anxiety – self help groups

BBC News – Coronavirus: Domestic abuse victims ‘still allowed to leave home’

Problem of safety of women and children, in a neighbourhood, by anyone in distress /abused calling for help via the SOS tag of our App. Self help groups can be formed in a neighbourhood who can respond immediately to someone needing help.

B. Resource mapping – households in a community /residents welfare / organisations. Restaurants and Grocery stores

C. Logistics /delivery services.

Mumbai dhabawallas per month or random location. Who pays for it?

Links to other platforms for good. What services and which area do we want to cover?

Partnership with logistics provider like Dunzo

What can we learn?



2. Following hyperlocal startups in logistics, charge 30-50-100 Rs. per delivery. Utensils for carrying food.

3. lotsofhelpinghands

People to people direct giving via volunteers


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